Alcohol Abuse And Dependence Correlated With Age, Gender, Ethnicity, And Religion

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Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Correlated with Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion


This research paper entails the correlation of alcohol abuse with age, gender, ethnicity, and religion. This paper also explains in detail the implication that can be undertaken for the substance abuse. Alcohol is one of the factors that are creating the majority of the health problems in the United States, creating negative impacts on the life of an abuser's family and children. Alcohol abuse has direct relation to the age, gender, race and religion.

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Strategies for Prevention of Alcohol Abuse7



Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Correlated with Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion


In the United States substance abuse is one of the most common health problem that touches life of every individual in the family, child, community, and congregation. In contrast to the popular perception, the problem of substance abuse in the United States not only results in illegal drug usage like crack cocaine, but also in the form of the recreation known as soft drinks such as marijuana, along with the usage of extra medicine use prescribed by the doctors. The influence of substance abuse and alcohol abuse on families, children, and communities are dreadful in a manner like: negligence of family, abuse, mirage dissolution, violence on family and children, financial strains, absenteeism from school and workplace, low or poor performance, unintentional injuries, incarceration, crimes, joblessness, increased cost of health care, increased physical problems, and crashers of motor vehicles

It has been observed that youth are more likely to be at the risk of usage and under the influence of drug abuse in the cycle of age when their behavioral patterns are forming. The use of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse is fundamentally taken place under the influence of role models and peers, who are involved in such activities.


Usage of alcohol and substances is correlated to many factors like age, gender, religion, and culture/ ethnicity. The influence of individual factors is imperative to be analyzed on the consumption and the usage of alcohol and substances in the United States.


Every drug and substance use has a particular age limit, where if the age limited is not considered health problems will be the major concern of the person using it under age. Use of alcohol under the age of 21 is becoming a major public health concern. In the United States, alcohol is the most abused and heavily used drug among the youth even more than illicit drugs and tobacco. Alcohol also is responsible for the death of 4,700 people or more annually amongst underage youth. Nevertheless, in the United States it is illegal to consume alcohol before the age of 21; however 11% of the consumption of alcohol is by the people between the ages of 12 to 20 years. It is found that on average alcohol is consumed more by underage drinkers per occasion than consumed by adult drinkers. During the year of 2010, there were reported to be visitors of injuries of 189,000 in emergency rooms under the age of ...
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