Alcoholism And Impact On Children

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Alcoholism and Impact on Children


This is a cause and effect essay on causes and effects of alcoholism, which refers to uncontrolled drinking pattern of alcohol. In such cases, the individual consuming alcohol forgets his health or his relationships. Moreover, it also results in many other effects that are mentioned below. However, there are also some causes that encourage an individual to consume alcohol. Alcoholism refers to uncontrolled drinking of alcohol without considering its adverse effects on health and family relationships. The effect of drinking solely depends on the length of time an individual has been drinking alcohol. In the cases when the drinker does not feel satisfied after drinking, he often increases the intake which causes more problems. Alcoholism can also be referred as a serious craving which makes it very difficult for individuals to fight against it. However, the two terms “alcoholism” and alcohol abuse” are two different terms. Individuals suffering from alcohol abuse don't lose control when they over drink and they also have the ability to stop drinking. However, they are irresponsible and can put others at risk when they drink. The alcoholics cannot stop drinking at any time.


Pregnancy is one such critical state of women's life where she is required to take the extreme care of her health in order to deliver a healthy and a normal baby. The exposure to alcohol and any other drug in such condition is a modifiable risk and poor and hazardous for the mother and the child (Asbury et al, pp. 43). During pregnancy, the consumption of alcohol can possibly cause a wide range of neurodevelopment and physical problems in for the purpose of taking a look at these potential consequences and improving the prevention strategies, this paper looks into the attitudes and knowledge of the childbearing women and the affects of alcoholism on fetus. In the current time period, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs has taken toll in the people living all over the world. Irrespective of age, gender or any other demographic factor, the drug is seen as a habit, social status, fashion or even a necessity for the people living in the modern era. The costs of early heavy drinking, experts say, appear to extend far beyond the time that drinking takes away from doing homework, dating, acquiring social skills, and the related tasks of growing up (

Alcoholism has a major impact on the individuals with whom the alcoholics live with. They often develop marital problems and this is because the spouse does not like the habit. Moreover, the alcoholic behaves in an unconventional way when he is drunk and the amount spent on drinking is also wastage of money. Besides this, alcoholics also become abusive to their children and spouse and have physical as well as verbal fights. There are many cases in which alcoholism also results in divorce (Parsons, pp. 56). Alcoholism also affects society and many times alcoholics also have to lose their job. Besides this, they often drive when they are drunk ...
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