American History To 1877 Responses

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American History to 1877 Responses

American History to 1877 Responses

Rudyard Kipling's Poem - American imperialism

Rudyard Kipling's poem "the white man's burden" presents the concept of American imperialism in a sense that the poem represents the logic from the poet's mind, which identifies the view point that the development of the society depends on the progressions of whites in the society. Kipling has forced a thought of American imperialism in the minds of many societies developing the concepts as the part of their cultures and making it their norm. The poem justifies that it is an obligation of white people to constantly keep a ruling behavior on the inferiors, which helps to promote the concept of imperialism in the society.

Espionage Act, National Security & American Civil Liberties

The Espionage Act was introduced at the time when America was very young into entering the war with Germany known as World War I. The Act was purposefully implemented for safeguarding the national security and protecting the Nation from the threats that were generating internally. Moreover, the law was enforced to maintain the limits of speech that were in vocalized and written form disturbing the national security. However, it was questioned that the Act was not limited to protecting National Security but was controlling the essentiality of freedom of speech that was the right of every American and was infringed on American civil liberties, limiting their rights. In addition to such context, the Act was forced to face amendments in contrast.

National Origins Act of 1924 - Favored Ethnic Groups

The 1924 Act of National origin was based on developing the immigration policies in the United States for the immigrants. The Act was in favor of limiting the immigrant numbers with entry into the country. The immigrant Act was set in order to limit the immigrants according ...
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