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How the American Revolution was Importance to US Military History

How the American Revolution was Importance to US Military History


The American Revolution had started in 1775 and sustained till 1783, during all this period America had faced major political transformation caused by the rebellion of the residents of the thirteen colonies in North America against the British. Episode founder of the nation and the American birth of the United States, the revolution were manifest in violence against the British, war against the city and social unrest. To pay off the cost of the Seven Years War (1756-1763), the British imposed taxes on the thirteen colonies of North America without consulting them, the American colonists protested to the King George III and Parliament UK and initiated a revolt that the city tried to stifle by sending troops.


Legislature of the colonies met in Philadelphia and adopted the Declaration of Independence (4 July, 1776), and after a series of setbacks for the Continental Army commanded by George Washington, the war against Great Britain turned to the advantage of Americans. Rebels got support of volunteers French, and the government of Louis XVI, of Spain and the United Provinces. In 1783, London had to be acquainted with the independence of the United States. The new country encouraged by the Enlightenment as it endowed with a Constitution (1787). George Washington was nominated president in 1789, but the early years of the new country marked by political hostility and communal anxiety.

The most elemental moment for the country's history took place when the promoters of a powerful central government and those who favored to give more sovereignty to the “federal” states were being forced to oppose each other courtesy by American Revolution. It also ignited anxiety between the originators about the place of the people in ...
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