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Annotated Bibliography

Annoted Bibliography

Section 1; Books

Anderson, J.J. (2011), “How to Analyze the Music of Michael Jackson”, ABDO, Pp. 47

This book examines the creative effort of most popular musician Michael Jackson. Various kinds of music have been analyzed in the given book such as Thriller, Off the Wall, Bad, History, Dangerous, and Invincible. However this reference have been very useful in providing the insight of stereotyping against the black male singers that affects their career. It explores that in spite of being a successful singer, Michael Jackson had to face media criticism, which did not stop even after his death. He was posed as a child molester and bad father; hence mentally unfit personality. This act of media has greatly influenced the attitude of people towards the legendary singer Michael Jackson. The book explains in detail that how media contemplated the public to forget all his great work of music.

Bryman, A. & Bell, E. (2003), “Business Research Methods”, Oxford: Oxford University Press, Pp.56-61.

This book provides the information to readers about the most prominent methods of business research in use today; this groundbreaking text reflects contemporary practice by providing balanced coverage of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Treating even the most challenging concepts with refreshing clarity, the text draws on wide-ranging examples as well as over 400 British and international sources to encourage students to consider the practical and philosophical implications of each step in the research process. In-depth and accessible, with a wealth of pedagogical features, this is the only text of its kind to approach business research methodology. However, this source have been useful in providing the information regarding the ethical aspects of the research that is being conducted such as, respondents participating in the research must be well informed about the nature of the research and that whatever data respondent provides is solely for the research and nothing else so respondent may feel comfortable.

Clarke, M. (2008), “Verbalising the Visual: Translating Art and Design into Words”, AVA Publishing, Pp. 173.

This particular book explores the concept of translating the art in to words. As we all have heard about the famous phrase that every picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase well defines the text explained in this book. This book explores the ever- changing relationship between objects, language and their meaning. It further explains that how an experience of visual culture is translated in to the words, either written or spoken. Cultural commentator and the world's most renowned writer Michael Clarke explores a wide range of language- academic and colloquial, formal and informal and global and local. He discloses that how language is associated with the current artistic designs. It is absolutely ideal for the students who are associated with visual arts and also useful for people who show interest in art, including everyone in communications, advertising and marketing. However, this book has been very useful for this research. It provided the insight as to how audience plays a pivotal role in making or destroying the ...
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