Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Bateman, David, Bateman, C. Fred, A Principal's Guide To Special Education

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource.This book discusses special education for students with disabilities and the role of the principal in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. An introductory chapter lists strategies to assist principals in improving the working conditions of special education teachers, how a principal can be the chief advocate for the special education program, and how principals can enhance the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Carlson, Cindy Changing the school Culture Toward Integrated Services, 1996

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource.Examines contemporary school culture as it relates to health and mental health services for children and families. Suggests changes that can help schools move from services as currently organized to integrated services. Outlines an organization-systems perspective of schools, along with the changing visions of education, schooling, and service delivery. (RJM)

Deno, Evelyn, “Special Education as Development Capital” Exceptional Children, 1970

Special education has been the target of criticism throughout history. Some of the criticism has been justified, some unjustified. Some criticisms brought to light ineffective practices, such as the inefficacy and inhumanity of relegating all persons with disabilities to institutions.

Education Week, Quality Counts 2004: Count Me In

The Quality Counts 2004 is divided into two sections, The State of Special Education and the State of State section that provides State Report Cards and State Profiles of education policy. Only the State of State rating of states is discussed in this report. Data for three categories of data collected to rate states, Student Achievement, Standards and Accountability and Improving Teacher Quality were analyzed. Data for other categories that were used to rate states, School Climate and Resources, was determined to be not useable ...
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