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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Jones, Jeffrey M.; 8/11/2006. Americans With Addiction in Their Family Believe It Is a Disease: Most believe complete recovery possible. Gallup Poll Briefing, p1, 3p;

The article provides an overview of the survey on adults who had an immediate family member addicted to drugs or alcohol. The respondents believe that addiction is both physical and psychological disease. They were asked about their general views on addiction, beyond the specifics of their relative's struggle. Roughly half of the respondents say a complete recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is possible only if the addict gets professional help.

Fitzpatrick, Mike. Lancet. 8/2/2003. Addiction myths. Vol. 362 Issue 9381, p412, 1p.

This article discusses that when a patient came into the surgery recently about some mundane problem, I recalled that the last time I had seen him--several years ago--he had told me about his long-standing heroin habit. Although the notion that stopping heroin induces a devastating withdrawal syndrome is sustained by druggy novels like Trainspotting, it seems to have little foundation in reality.

Lehrman, Sally. Feb2003. The Reality of Race. Scientific American, Vol. 288 Issue 2, p32, 2p.

This article discusses the doxyribonucleic acid (DNA) inside people with different complexions and hair textures is 99.9 percent alike, so the notion of race had no meaning in science. In the 1970s, sociologist Troy Duster was a familiar voice in National Institutes of Health committees reviewing grants for research on mental health and drug abuse. While sitting on a panel for former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's Commission on Mental Health, he began to hear researchers speculate that drug addiction and mental illness were linked to genetic susceptibilities. Researchers have advocated assessing health risks within ethnic groups based on inherited variations in just one DNA base pair. Specific variations in DNA can be linked to ...
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