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The University wishes to relocate to a new campus eight miles outside a city centre. It currently operates from four sites in the city approximately 600 meters apart and senior University management reached the conclusion four years ago that the city centre location will prevent growth in the future. The University plans to move to the new campus and use the opportunity to integrate a new Faculty of Education, currently a Teacher Training College located in the city centre, into its operations. This will raise the current Home/EU student population from 2676 to 4676 within four years once the planned move of the Education Faculty is complete.

1. Across the Degree older management team:

•There is a clear contract that to stay in the City Centre is not an option and that the swap to the new greater training location is significant for the continuous success and development of the Degree.

•There is no clear contract on the appropriate reasonable and educational scenario to choose for the swap.

•There is no clear contract about the suggested joining with the Instructor Training Degree.

•There is strong confirmation, although this was not mentioned in appointment instantly, to indicate that the Degree is coming into a period of significant reputational risk:

•There is no clear contract around the extensive run route of the greater training as to the appropriate balance and mix of college students for the extensive run, with a significant probability impact on reputation and organization image.

•There are issues that a total swap to an out-of-town greater training based greater training may have a significant probability impact on reputation and organization image.

•There is no clear contract about you will of the project currently being considered, it is being seen by many as a move project only but it has much larger results for the Degree.

•There is no clear contract on whether the greater training should remain with its primary business as technologically based greater training or moved to an improved focus on Professions, Humanities and Business (Schaltegger. & Burritt, 2000).

2. There is a wide range of sense built into the business scenario cash flow review that indicates (a) the selling of city hub sites, especially the trainer training college, will happen straight. We would contest this is a significant reasonable probability (b) that conditions 1 and 2 are affordable within current funding constraints; when scenario 3 would present the greater training to significant reasonable probability without redress to a PFI/PPP understanding (c) the business scenario was offered and versatile with HEFCE prior to a complete detox of the major depression and verifying problems being made apparent widely by the government bodies. There is significant government probability, although we understand that HEFCE have signalled basically by page to the Degree that they will underpin the base line funding of £150m regardless of any future government bodies cut can handle on public expenditures (Norris, 2001).

3. We understand that the Degree has been suggested by HEFCE to deal with the project through very competitive ...
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