Assignment 4 - Pedagogy

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Assignment 4 - Pedagogy

Assignment 4 - Pedagogy


The main purpose of this paper is to identify the three main learner behaviours that make hindrances in learning. This paper also gives the methods through which these behaviours can be avoided. Thus, this paper is a brief overview on learning from the other teachers and evaluation of training sessions.

Learner Behaviour That Hinders Learning

There are different learner's behaviours that make hindrances in the learning process. The three main behaviours of a learner are as followed:

Arriving Late

This is the main learner behaviour that creates hindrances in the learning processes. If a learner is coming late in the teaching session, then this is a distracting act in the learning process. This is a very rude attitude, and there is a great need for the teacher to take these acts into consideration, and take actions against such actions.

Learning Problems

Another learner behaviour that creates the hindrances in the learning process is when a student or a learner is facing some problems in learning. If a student is facing problems in learning and has some psychological problems, then it is necessary for the teacher to understand these problems and act in accordance with such problems. Mostly, learners feel hesitant to discuss these problems with the instructor; therefore, it is the instructor's responsibility to notice such problems and deal with them.

Taking least interest in the Class

It is another problem of learners that create hindrances in the learning process. It is the common, observed behaviour that students do not take an interest in the class. Many teachers have notices students listening to iPod and throwing objects in the class. There could be numerous reasons behind such acts, and it is necessary for the teacher to understand such reasons. A learner could be least concerned if he does not have any interest in the subject. Similarly, if he is facing problems with the teacher then it could also result in his least interest, in the class.

Explain how you might have avoided each of these situations in the first place

To avoid such situations in the first place, it is necessary for a teacher to understand such problems and recognize such reputable behaviours. To recognize such behaviours teachers, through their own actions, may determine whether students demonstrate responsible behaviour. From time to time try to interact with audience, go to class for independent or group tasks, marking students' work. Celebrate the expected behaviour, of a smile, a nod, praise, age-appropriate student. Responsible behaviour can also be observed and in writing (addressed to the student and parents / guardians) and include diplomas and certificates of merit. Along with this, we can give the student an additional assignment, and try as often as possible to celebrate his daily efforts. For example, "Alex, you demonstrated responsibility for their behaviour. I see that you are attentive in class. ““Ilya, your contribution contributed to a better understanding of the problem.

It is important to give feedback to ...
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