Assignment #5: Developing An Argument On Your Own

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Assignment #5: Developing an Argument on Your Own

Step 1

Monitoring the private lives of your employees

Employees of an organization have a tendency to get digressed from their expected professional behaviour. Employees are the most important asset and stakeholder of the company. Wherever they go whatever they do, they are essentially the brand ambassador of their employers. Considering this is monitoring the private lives of the employees is essential? However, on the counter argument, the employees are free beings and their conduct after their officer hours is their personal matter. So, is the monitoring of the private life of employees is ethical? What are the arguments on each side?

After establishing whether employee supervision is needed or not, it is imperative to decide the ways in which this supervision will take place. There has to be a clear demarcation between what will be monitored and what will not be monitored. Hence, what is it that organizations should monitor? And what is it that they should not monitor? Should the organization inform them that they are being monitored? Or will this hinder the effectiveness of the monitoring and supervision? What are the expected benefits of increasing the surveillance on employees?

Major Points

Minor Points

Business policies

Groups for workplace privacy

Government regulations

Off the clock work activities

“Digital footprints”

Paying bills

Telephone monitoring. It will be constant though a certain criteria will be developed for the monitoring. Monitoring will not take place during break hours. Any call which is longer than 30 mins. Will be monitored.

Online shopping

Computer monitoring is a good tool

Drinking beer on business trips? In this context, the company will see who had paid for the trip? Was it professional or personal? Was it alone or was the convicted person was accompanied by others?

Electronic mail and Voice mail whereby company email or personal email?

Visiting porn shops in company vehicle ...
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