Behavioral, Cognitive, And Social Learning Theories

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Behavioral, Cognitive, and Social Learning Theories

Behavioral, Cognitive, and Social Learning Theories


The cognition development is a field of psychology and neuroscience, that focuses on the development of a child chiefly in terms of the language learning, perpetual skill, conceptual resource and information processing where as the individual's personality is an aggregate of the decisions a person makes throughout his life and it also includes the memory of experiences to which he leads these decisions (Carol ,1988).


There are many factors such as environmental, genetic, and inherent natural that contributes to the development of personality. Cognition and personality development as a combination determines the way an individual will cope up with his life events. Therefore there lies a relationship between them. The theory of cognition focuses on the person's thought s as determinate of her or his emotions and behaviors therefore also includes an individual's personality. In the context of development and selection there is a trend towards utilizing the personality and cognitive measures interchangeably.

The cognitive processes involve the changes in the language, intelligence and thinking of a child. The biological and environmental factors play an essential part in shaping an individual's cognitive processes. The physical environments are known to influence necessarily the behavior, thoughts and feelings of a person. For example the condition of climate makes a person either happy or sad; the environment in which an individual lives also influences an individual a lot as that individual adapts that environment and he feels very habituated for that condition. Similarly the biological factors also plays a huge impact on a person's life, scientist are evaluating the potential role of genetic factors in a variety of human behaviors. Something inherited biologically usually affects ones attitudes, emotions, behaviors and preferences, for example in a long run the body structure, skin color and hair ...
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