Blood Pressure Assessment (Hypertension)

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Blood pressure Assessment (Hypertension)

Blood pressure Assessment (Hypertension)


The target population for the study is the adult population living in United States of America. Adults are the most vulnerable portion of the population who are suffering from high blood pressure due to higher level of stress and weaker immune system. For life every individual needs blood pressure, as without it the circulation of blood would not be possible to all the body organs. The pressure that is exerted through the blood vessel walls with the pumping of heart is known as blood pressure. The rise in heartbeat is the main source of rise in blood pressure and it declines as the heartbeats are normalized. There are two physical forces that develop blood pressure. The first force is created by the heart through pumping of blood into the arteries with the support of circulatory system and the other force is developed from the arteries that resist the flow of blood. A change in blood pressure is found in affected not only rest and activity but it is also affected through diet, temperature, emotional state, medications and posture.

The adults need to have proper check over their blood pressure level as it can be dangerous for their health. The main challenges that are faced by adults in managing their blood pressure is this that they are mostly found not taking care of it. The health education plan that I want to introduce for the adult population is based on blood pressure assessment. The main aspects of the health education plan would be based on diet plan, physical activities, clinical check-up management and awareness about the consequences of blood pressure. This will help the adult people in managing their health and life accordingly. A proper health management and awareness campaign will the product for this population as they learn from experience sharing activities.


I would be expecting that the adult people will learn from the educational and health campaign that will be designed for creating awareness for blood pressure assessment. They will get the complete know how about the deadly signs of this disease and will be able to handle it accordingly. This campaign would encourage the homeless veterans of USA to get them-selves diagnosed of blood pressure disease and they will be able to take precautionary measures for effectively managing it. A great change in their behavior will be seen after they had gone through this campaign and they will be better able to understand the need for regular blood pressure assessment (Fung & Zweifach, 2011). The learning objectives of this health campaign can be analyzed from Bloom's Taxonomy that is based on six steps. Those steps are creating, evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding and remembering. The learning of the participants can be analyzed by asking questions from them, they are able to remember the right answer it means the objective of this health campaign is accomplished.


The content that would be used in this health management campaign for the homeless veterans will be based ...
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