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One of the largest country's in the Southern part of America is Brazil. Brazil is the 5th largest country of the world, both through geographical region as well as by population with more than 192 million of population at present. Not only this, but Brazil is the single Portuguese speaking nation in the whole of America as well as Brazil is also the largest lusophone nation state on the globe.

Geography of Brazil

The country Brazil inhabit a huge region by the side of the eastern shore of the Southern part of America as well as incorporate a great deal of the continent's internal, sharing territory boundaries with countries such as Uruguay in the south; Paraguay and Argentina in the southwest; Peru and Bolivia in the western part; in the northwest with Colombia; as well as Suriname, Venezuela, Guyana along with French abroad subdivision of French Guiana that is situated in the north. The country Brazil shares a boundary with almost all the countries that exist in the Southern part of America excluding two countries that are Ecuador plus Chile (Wagley, 1963).

General Outlook of the People

On the whole people of Brazil are warm, friendly, and joyful people. Most of all the people are free spirited as well as rail against being advised what to do. The people of Brazil are outgoing, gregarious as well as love to be crowed or accompanied by many people. It is due to the hot climate of Brazil that allows people to squander a large amount of time in the open air.

People are usually found just talking with their peers or friends or even indulged in other entertaining activities. The females in Brazil should be well aware of the fact that it is general for the Brazilian male population to stare at the women or ...
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