British Airways

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British Airways

British Airways

Industry Background

The European airline commerce is highly regulated ? since one-by-one nations and authorities aim to defend their flag bearing airlines. With the expansion of the EU ? and the shattering down of trade obstacles ? the airline commerce was deregulated in 1992. This intended that any European airline could go by plane any location in Europe and land. This suggested airlines the possibility to elaborate paths over the countries and to request market schemes with larger accuracy.

Company Profile: British Airways

British Airways plc (BA) is the world's large-scale worldwide airline ? bearing more travellers from one homeland to another than any of its competitors. British Airways is a arranged worldwide traveller airline. The Company's major undertaking is the procedure of worldwide and household arranged traveller airline services. (Harrison 2003) The Company's primary location of enterprise is London Heathrow ? which manages more worldwide travellers than any other aerodrome in the world. Because its US competitors convey so numerous travellers on household air journey ? it is the fifth large-scale in periods of general travellers (in periods of income traveller kilometres).

British Airways worldwide path mesh wrappings some 233 destinations in 96 countries. Its two major functioning bases are London's two major aerodromes ? Heathrow (the world's large-scale worldwide airport) and Gatwick. BA furthermore functions a worldwide air cargo enterprise in conjunction with its arranged traveller services. The cargo procedure ? which carries both freight and posted letters ? is run individually of the traveller enterprise ? whereas cargo usually is conveyed in the retains of airplane soaring arranged traveller services. The Company furthermore presents other services to out-of-doors parties ? for example airplane maintenance. In supplement ? the Company's procedures encompass certain ancillary airline activities.

SWOT Analysis on British Airways


Being the nationwide flag carrier is an inherent benefit that the dwelling market will recognise with. This can be exploited to the airline's benefit

High clientele satisfaction

British Airways are very powerfully pledged to be at the forefront of expertise ? proposing everything from check-in by wireless Internet to innovative in-flight technology. On long-haul air journey for all travellers and short-haul air journey for enterprise persons ? this is an advantage. It is restructuring its short haul mesh ? and commencing a new charge scheme and internet registration scheme ? which should permit it to contend more effectively.

Business persons desire better value journey and their flatbeds would be advised a comparable benefit on long-haul flights.

BA has come to an affirmation with American Airlines ? Air France ? Continental Airlines ? Delta Airlines and United Airlines to conceive an Internet business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for the airline industry. This B2B exchange will be open to aviation customers and suppliers worldwide and should outcome in smaller transaction ? processing and inventory charges for both the airlines and their suppliers.

BA has advanced the variety of services it can offer customers through its principle of 'global alliance'. BA is a founder constituent of the One World airline alliance. ...
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