Bruce Stone As An Ineffective Manager

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Bruce Stone as an Ineffective Manager

Bruce Stone as an Ineffective Manager

Bruce Stone as an Ineffective Manager


The case study under discussion deals with the issues and the managerial problems created because of the lack of skills and talent of Bruce Stone, and the problems that this lack of skills has created for the new principle. The new principle, after taking over the school, starts realizing that the issues and problems are greater than they thought and the problems created by the pervious IT Coordinator and Head of Secondary School Section. Being already indulged in another job role, Bruce was unable to give the due attention to his new job role and thus several loopholes were left in the tasks and jobs performed by him. Although the level of satisfaction of the teachers and students was low during his tenure as well, by the time the new principle joined in, the effects have been amplified to produce even greater impact on the performance of the institute. The following paragraphs highlight the importance and issues crated by Bruce in the light of various managerial theories available to judge and analyze the importance of managerial skills in an individual:


Luthan's and Katz's theories

In 1980, Luthan conducted a research regarding the job role of managers as well as the factors that make a manager successful. The research concluded that the most successful and triumphant mangers are those who succeed in maintaining and managing their social networking skills and thus were able to make significant space in the social world. This implies that the managers who are better able to deal with the outsiders are the ones who succeed in maintaining better relations with the outside world are the ones who are able to deal with the issues and problems of management and thus prove to be successful managers (Luthans, Youssef and Avolio, 2006, Pp: 203). On the other hand, the managers with who pay exceptional attention to communication and the human resource management activities are the ones who succeed in effectively managing the organization and thus these are the ones who pay the least attention to networking and making better relations with the outside world. This implies that the effective and the successful managers possess different skills and thus also behave differently, with the successful managers being more interested in networking while the effective ones being more inclined towards managing the human resource in a better manner.

Kanz, on the other hand, recognized and pointed out three different managerial skills, including technical, human and the conceptual management skills. It is eminent to mention here that the most essential ones among all the above mentioned skills are the human resource management skills, which call for an individual to develop the special and specific interpersonal skills, which not only assist him in dealing with his work but also allow him to work in coordination with others. In addition, the same skills assist them in motivating them to move towards further development and improvement in their ...
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