Business Plan

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Business Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4

The Aim of the Proposal4

Business Description5

The Background and History of the Business5




The Product & Services6

Potential Customer7

Target market7

Market segmentation7

Economic profile8

Business Competitors8

Competitive advantage9

SWOT analysis9





Marketing Strategy11


Market penetration strategy12

The Costing and Pricing12

Sales Projection12

Marketing Plan13

Pricing strategy14

Promotion strategy14

Distribution strategy14

Business operations14






Cost of machinery16

Location and site development16

Labor and management17



New Business Plan

Executive Summary

In the business description section we would provide the background and history of the business that is being initiated and planned. It will also contain the goals as well as the product or services description being proposed. Here we shall also discuss the supplier information, agreements and ownership structure and legal considerations.

In the section of business opportunities we will analyse that who could be our potential customer, the geographical area that we can target and also our, business competitors. We will then develop a suitable and effective marketing strategy which would present all the costing, pricing, sales projection of the business and the marketing plan (Ryan, & Calvin, 2009).

The business operations section will include the operational function of the business, the services being offered, and the personnel who would be hired to run the business efficiently. We will also discuss the technology and application to be used to run the business effectively. In the end we will include all the financial aspects of our new business which include the revenues, expenses and financial projections (Ryan, & Calvin, 2009).

The Aim of the Proposal

The basic aim of this proposal is to plan out and set up a new business and anaylse all the things the need to systemized and jot down before effectively pursuing and running a business.

Business Description

The Background and History of the Business

The corporation that we would be setting up is a British based trading company that trades and sells handicrafts from the India in Great Britain. It is called the Handicrafts Trade Corporation and it will commence its operations in October, 2012.

Handicrafts Trade Corporation is a new organization and it is in the startup phase. Hence, before getting into anything else the corporation set up its vision, mission and stated its values to commence its operations as a formal setting (Birkin, 1994).


Our company Handicrafts Trade Corporation will be dedicated to create various opportunities for the Indian workers from the subcontinent's to display their unique talent in Great Britain on a huge scale. Our company will provide a chance to our artists to show the distinctive and exclusive characteristics to people in Great Britain. As a company, we will strive hard to provide our customers high quality products and top customer service for the future years (Hird & Gilligan, 1986).


Handicrafts Trade Corporation's main objective is to become the market leader of arts and handicraft industry in Britain, which is a country, where multicultural expressions are appreciated and are exchanged as well and this will encourage our company to provide the highest quality of handicrafts products. The company will target the best of upscale markets. Our company will closely work together with the employees, internal and external shareholders to achieve the objectives ...
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