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Business Plan of Web Designing Company

Business Plan of Web Designing Company


The purpose of this paper is to design a business plan for a leading web designing and developing organization to reach its excellence in providing quality designing services in order to grasp the global market. The company has a history of providing web designing and developmental services to its clients; most of the technical staff of the company is outsourced form India. However, the management is now considering targeting banks for its services. Providing banking services over the internet is encircled w ith a number of risks, like hacking and cyber crimes (Burnes, 2000, pp.96-106). 

On one hand, the security of banking transactions and customer's fund is needed to be considered, while on the other hand the website should be able to cover all banking operations that are viable through online banking systems. For this purpose, it is important that the company should incorporate state of the art technology and trained personnel for grasping the financial market. For this paper, we will go about defining the key functionalities of the company, aims and objectives, and designing am applicable business plan which considers branding, products and services, departmental and financial considerations (Cordell, 2007, pp. 265-27).


65% gross margin for 10 months.

Net profit of 25% in the first year and 35% in two years.

Sales of $ 200,000 per month 10.

Keys to success

Build a residual income by strong secondary subscription-based services tailored to small businesses (website hosting, marketing, maintenance, and consultancy).

The formation of strategic alliances with suppliers of the service area of the Internet and computer consulting companies for small projects relate to our business website, in exchange for enormous profits.

It offers a high range of Web services for small businesses in a way that can understand and afford.


Our mission is to make Internet affordable, accessible and flexible web services for small businesses. We have developed a system for different types of Web services (site development, hosting, marketing and maintenance) designed exclusively for the needs and resources of small businesses to comply.


Graphic Design, Web Design, and Internet Marketing

As a graphic design agency, the company has a full service available to you to help with anything visual communication is concerned. The company design printed material, build a user-friendly and search engine friendly website, internet marketing help you with all your design and printing on our offset and digital presses (Cordella, 2007, pp.265-274).

With our extensive experience in the printing industry, both online and offline, we create for you an image that perfectly matches the needs of your business. With us, everyone is welcome, both new enterprises and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in their sector. Every job receives the same attention and get down to the tip worked as it should.

Graphic Design

We design your logo, corporate identity, magazine, brochure, or an entire advertising campaign with the greatest care and according to your wishes and ideas. Also for printing already made designs, we would like for you (Kushchu, Kuscu, 2003, pp. 253-260).

Web design

The Internet has become part of our society. A website is a "must have" for any ...
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