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The everyday world becomes more competitive, and therefore companies are increasingly looking to create competitive advantages that allow distinguishing them from other companies, and it is precisely to achieve this distinction that each chooses to establish appropriate strategies either in structure in your product or most in their marketing strategies and marketing. There are four main types of marketing strategies: defensive, offensive, flanking and guerrilla. Guerilla strategy is based on the use of low-cost and non-standard methods, which is especially important for small and medium businesses. This will discuss about the guerrilla marketing strategy and than presented a business plan for opening a men's store in New Jersey.


The term "guerrilla marketing" encompasses a set of unconventional communication techniques that are to obtain maximum visibility with minimum investment. The Guerrilla Marketing takes advantage of the need for innovation in communications and media permeability mechanisms to promote their ideas, brands or products.

Guerilla strategy is based on the use of low-cost and non-standard methods, which is especially important for small and medium businesses. That is why guerrilla strategies are the ideal mechanism for small businesses that do not have large financial resources to be allocated to marketing activities and advertising. Guerrilla marketing does not look great growth and diversification, but maintaining their goals, their message does not point to large groups, but focuses on niche markets and small communities to large enterprises can hardly comprehend. That is why to apply guerrilla strategies must be behind a marketing plan in order to analyze the situation, study the market and competition closely, a good market segmentation to small markets, clear objectives, then well posed strategies and scheduled, and finally you need to measure the results of each activity and the impact this would have.

Guerrilla marketing is ideal for SMEs and entrepreneurs, not only because they require a smaller budget to be implemented, which fits with the daily reality of most SMEs and entrepreneurs, who often have very limited budgets for marketing, but also because of its philosophy and approach guerrilla is perfectly synergistic with the essence of SMEs, nobody imagines that little corner store, for example, engaging in a national television ad. Guerrilla strategy involves the use of low-budget, but effective methods of advertising. Guerrilla Marketing Strategy because of its low-cost can be a major tool for small and medium businesses, and large companies will reach out to those potential buyers who could not draw with traditional advertising. Guerrilla give firms the opportunity to stand out in the ever-growing general advertising background.

Characteristics of a small business

Small-scale businesses display a distinct set of identifying characteristics that set them apart from their larger competitors.

Revenue and Profitability

Small-scale business revenue is generally lower than companies that operate on a larger scale. The Small Business Administration classifies small businesses as companies that bring in less than a specific amount of revenue, depending on the business type.


Small-scale businesses employ smaller teams of employees than companies that operate on larger scales. The smallest businesses are run entirely ...
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