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Business Plan for Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Business Plan for Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Overview of the Service

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve access to health care in urban areas, Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre is subsidizing the year of commissioning and the first of the heart center operations. The business will be owned and managed by a sole proprietorship. Be responsible for ensuring the overall health of their patients and the creation of a viable business practice and medical cost. During the first year, I will work closely with the advisors of General Medicine clinic for a solid financial and operational base, with this business plan as a tool to guide management. (Williams, 2003)

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of all ages, with emphasis on preventive medicine and health and general welfare of their patients. The clinic will use new equipment and trained staff that is able to optimize the care of each patient. He understands that many factors can affect health, including exercise, diet, environment and heredity. Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Center will provide more comprehensive medical care possible in order to improve the care and welfare of each patient.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Center also will carry out minor procedures in his office, but only after both risks and benefits have been explained and understood and written consent was obtained from the patient. Refer to patients, where appropriate, specialists and / or hospitals for tests, further treatment and therapy. (Williams, 2003)

Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Center also will be attended by employees: a medical assistant and a receptionist. Ongoing training and support for these employees will be provided by General Medical Center during the first year. The marketing strategy is a combination of print media advertising, website development, networking and promotional events, all aimed at residents living within 35 miles of the clinic. With only five family physicians in another city, we plan to gradually increasing load of patients during the early years, as we learned in the community. (Williams, 2003)

At first, the center depends on the support received from the Centre. As patient volume increases, we will start to support our cost of revenues. At the end of the first year, grants leave, and compensation Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Center will become one of the expenses of the clinic. We have provided a strong cash balance to keep the business running. Let's start making a small profit in the fourth year.

Objectives of the Center for Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

The objectives of the Cardiac Rehabilitation centre are:

Improved quality of life

To become or stay self-sufficient

To reduce the risk of farther heart problems

To decrease the risk of future hospital

To come back to work and / or hardworking lifestyle

Objectives of Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

The objectives for the first years of operation include: • To create a medical practice that exceed the expectations of patients • Provide high quality health care to residents • To create a medical practice that helps meet the needs ...
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