Business Plan: Micro Brewery And Beer Garden Restaurant

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Business Plan: Micro Brewery and Beer Garden Restaurant

Executive Summary

This report has focused on planning of opening up beer garden & restaurant business. The main of the report was to expand the boundaries of knowledge which are required to be explored with several techniques and facts for the appropriate business plan. In this report, business plan for the Micro Beer Garden & Restaurant “Micro Brewery and Beer Garden Restaurant” is given in detail, in an anticipation of articulating and attracting the venture capitalist for the project.

Table of Contents

Executive Summaryii


Mission and Vision1

Product Concept1

Company Description2

Opportunity Analysis & Research2

Industry Analysis2

Market Dynamics of Beer and Beer in America3

Strategic Plan & Market Analysis3


Product Components3

Product Definition4

Product Effectiveness4

Product Features4


The Price of the Product4

Importance of Price5


Price Fixing Strategy5


Media Plan6

Strategic location6

Key Issues Affecting the Market6

Dynamics of Consumption of Beer in the Price Range7

SWOT Analysis8






Contingency Planning10

Market Segment10




Business Plan: Micro Brewery and Beer Garden Restaurant


The mission of the company is to be the best coffeehouse choice for the community, business workers, students and tourists. All this followed by an attractive and sustainable return of more than 20% return on our investment. We have carried out SWOT analysis, marketing mix, business analysis and ratio analysis to evaluate the feasibility of our project. The forecasted income statement and balance sheet is also presented in order to give a complete outlook to our business plan.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Micro Brewery and Beer Garden Restaurant is to be the best in delivering finest and quality beer to its esteemed customers and their families along with the other facilities. “We offer locally produced, hand-crafted beer, imported beers, engineered in a sustainable fashion with on-site tasting, on-site retails and event center”.

Vision: “To maintain and develop people of integrity, loyal, committed and proactive working as a team to achieve exceptional achievements”.

Product Concept

Beer is in the category of the most used beverage in our country, so the opening point of the beer can be a great business decision. It is because of the reason that many aspiring entrepreneurs, and small start-up capital, are turning their attention to this kind of business (Witbrodt & Kaskutas, 2008). However, starting a beer business and a family restaurant require even more care, there is a need to examine the business plan to startup the beer business and then proceed to its implementation. Therefore, the concept of opening beer garden business with restaurant seems to be quite attractive at Pike Creek Delaware, where the numbers of beer providers or beer bars are comparatively low. The Micro Beer is in a perfect beer beverage industry to bring in one product all that the consumer seeks. For its exquisite flavor and smoothness, the sovereign is a beer of unique and fascinating qualities, which will delight all consumers with the best combination of each element over time.

Company Description

Micro Brewery and Beer Garden Restaurant is a beer garden who wishes to locate itself in the urban areas of the country that is the target market of the company. It plans to establish outlets and chains ...
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