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Critical Evaluation of Management Strategies & Career Development Plan

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Theoretical Perspective of Career Theories3

Boundaryless Careers3

Portfolio Careers4

Critical Evaluation of Boundaryless Careers & Portfolio Careers4


Career Development7

My Career Development Plan & Relationship to the Theories presented in the Module7

Career Development Plan7

Purpose of a Career Development Plan8

Format of a Career Development Plan8

My Career Development Plan8

Analysis of Labour Markets8

Personal SWOT Analysis10

Self Awareness10

Self Evaluation11

Impact of People's Opinion11

Impact of Changes in Society & Work12

Techniques & My Observations13


My Observations14

MBTI & Career Analysis/Planning14

Assistance Provided by MBTI15



Critical Evaluation of Management Strategies & Career Development Plan


In this essay, a detailed analysis would be conducted on the career theories. The paper would highlight the boundaryless and portfolio approaches to career development. The first part of the essay would discuss the concepts behind the boundaryless and portfolio careers. The discussion would be in the context of economically and socially changing work environments.

A critical evaluation of the different career approaches would be conducted in the light of concrete evidence. The second part of the essay would highlight the essentials of a career development plan. My personal career development would also be discussed in the second part along with my observations, use of psychometric testing in career development and so forth. The major purpose of the essay is to highlight the vital issues pertinent to career development and how the process could be enhanced for the betterment of the society. A career goal is believed to be “a desired career -which is related to the outcome that a person wishes to attain” (Greenhaus, Callanan & Godshalk, 2010, pp. 512).

Theoretical Perspective of Career Theories

Boundaryless Careers

A Boundaryless career refers to the “working trends which encompass all the major cornerstones i.e. identity, commutation of knowledge as well as multiple employers. A boundaryless career evolves out of a long term increase in people's response on the labour practices among employers (Arthur, Khapov, & Wilderom, 2005, pp. 177). Boundaryless careers are believed to be beneficial for people with exceptional and valuable skills (Nkson, Gunz, Ganesh, & Roper, 2012, pp. 3).

However, it is evident that for a long period of time boundaryless careers did not prove to be effective due to issues related to the identity of the employee and also due to the level of awareness about it (Lazarova & Taylor, 2009, pp. 119). Rapidly increasing changes in the social and working environment tend to appreciate the concept of boundaryless careers. Some organizations are efficiently utilizing boundaryless careers based on the need of changing environments, but other organizations are not responding and are quite rigid (Taylor et. al, 2009, pp. 130).

Portfolio Careers

Portfolio careers include unique working environments where people could engage in more than one employment at a time. Portfolio careers may include an experience of two working days for the development of a baking business; or three days working in a major finance company. It depends on the needs and abilities of the employees and their true potential (Kimeldorf, 2008, pp. 4).

A Portfolio career promotes the trend of indulging in a number ...
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