Chinese Emperors

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Chinese Emperors

Chinese Emperors


Chinese history is interesting and has great influence on modern Chinese people. Even now, the Chinese people respect their history and the emperors. Among the many emperors, the most influential is Kangxi. Along with Kangxi, there are many other emperors that have made a magnificent impact on Chinese history. Emperor Yongle is one of the biggest emperors from the Ming dynasty. These two will be compared, and their own backgrounds and achievements are many.


Emperor Kangxi succeeded to the throne at a very young age. He was only 8 years old when his father passed away, and Kangxi had to take the throne. In all of China's history, Kangxi held the throne for the longest reign; 61 years to be precise. The emperor was very hard working, even as a child. Kangxi is known to possess a lot of talent in literature. Kangxi's father had appointed four ministers to help in the administration of the country. Had Kangxi been old enough, his father would have kept him as his crucial support. One of the four ministers schemed to betray Kangxi after his father's death. However, when Kangxi grew up and could take control of matters, he identified the minister and destroyed his plans.

Kangxi had three major concerns for China. Firstly, he was concerned about the control of the flooding of the Yellow River. Next, he wanted to repair the Grand Canal, but it was a very difficult task. Lastly, he was worried about the Revolt of the Three Feudatoris that prevailed in south China. Kangxi was extremely influenced by the Grand Empress Dowager. When the Empress was very ill, he took care of her himself until she died.

Over the long tenure of Kangxi's rule, the Chinese society became very wealthy. The country was peaceful and enjoyed prosperity. The prosperity and peace lasted for about a century, as the emperor who succeeded Kangxi maintained it.

Some of the many achievements of the Qing Dynasty are attributed to Kangxi. He was a great consolidator. The Chinese ways like the Confucian ideology were widely adopted by the people of China. Kangxi was able to suppress the efforts that were being made through military threats. He also revived the ancient central government system and even made significant changes in order to improve the system.

The emperor Kangxi was known to be a workaholic, and he used to wake up early in the morning and sleep very late in the night. He read and responded to a number of memorials throughout the day. Kangxi developed his own communication system that circumvented the scholar- bureaucrats. These people were always scheming to take power and rule away from the emperor. The powerful people of the Confucian were convinced by Kangxi in his way of ruling, even though they were quite adamant on their thoughts and beliefs. Kangxi had little experience of military rule, but there is a time in one of the military campaign, he proved to be a natural, effective military ...
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