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Psychology, theology, and Spiritualify in Christian counseling


The American Association of Christian Counselors and Tyndale House Publishers are committed to ministering to the spiritual needs of people. This book is part of the professional series that offers counselors the latest techniques, theory, and general information that is vital to their work. While many books have tried to integrate theology and psychology, this book takes another step and explores the importance of the spiritual disciplines in psychotherapy, helping counselors to integrate the biblical principles of forgiveness, redemption, restitution, prayer, and worship into their counseling techniques.

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Concrete Response

I believe the publication concerns to my individual life and ministry the most in the part of considering with sin in the treatment sessions. McMinn States "In Christian therapy, sin can be battled in modest and empathic modes that boost religious development more than guilt and shame. These procedures encompass quiet at strategic instants, pondering out blaring inconsistencies in client's narratives, and interrogating purchasers in alignment to realise their standards of right and wrong." (McMinn, 1996, p. 162) Because I work with teenagers, I have arrive to discover that a strategic quiet is one of my large-scale "tools". Most teenagers understand what they are managing is incorrect, or they understand I will condemn of what they are doing. Then that pursues what McMinn converses about in comprehending their standards and comprehending of sin. In reading this, I was recalled of one of the most threatening and scary confrontations I had to deal with two teenagers. Walking into rendezvous with two teenagers individually about sexy undertaking in the place of adoration, well let's state that instant of strategic quiet, interrogating, and worth scheme came into play. After long considerations, bawling, plea and the primary "I can't accept as factual my youth ...
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