Communication Model

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Communication model

Communication model


The process of international communication consists of seven key elements: a source of information - exporting firms, coding, channel transmission, decoding messages, the receiver, feedback, noise. However, in international marketing communication process is not simply sending a message to the recipient via the communication media. (Baumgartner, 2001)

Importance of the Communication Model

Stages of the communication process are different in distinct cultural environments, which complicate the whole process of communication in a foreign market. Therefore, the message is encoded according to the cultural environment of the exporting country A, and decoding it is carried out in different cultural contexts, namely in the environment of the buyer B. The presence of significant differences in the cultures often leads to misunderstandings between the recipient of the message and its source. Arrangements for international communication can fail for several reasons:

Message may not reach the consumer if it violates necessary requirements of the media;

Message can be received by the target audience, but it may not be properly understood because of cultural differences;

Message can reach the target audience and be correctly interpreted, but have no effect due to incorrect assessment and expectations of consumer needs.

In the communication process, each of the seven elements can affect the final result, as mistakes can be made in any of them. For example, information about a product, which the exporter wants to communicate to the consumer, should be useful and reflect the needs of this market. However, an organization may often fail to identify the needs of its target market accurately. This applies primarily to those who rely on their own intuition rather than on a thorough market research. Some believe that certain goods and services are successful in their country; those goods and services may also do well in other markets. ...
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