Importance Of Communication Model

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Importance of Communication Model

Importance of Communication Model


In 1963, Claude Shannon a research scientist at Bell Telephone Company, and a philosopher Warren weaver, published a book that was a follow-up to an article Shannon had authored some years earlier. The theory fundamentally divided communication into component parts. The theory allows researchers and students to take a communication event and apply a scientific model to see what occurs within a particular interaction (Czinkota, 1998). Embracing science in this way was at the time, an effort to secure intellectual legitimacy and respect for the academic study of communication. This was a way to show that speech was more than just presentation or delivery skills and more than just talking. It was a substantive and scientific area of scholarly inquiry.

The model of communication assists the marketer in formulating a strategy to persuade the target market, which the marketer intends to reach. It gives the insights about the market, their attitudes, and assists in constructing a concrete strategy.


Communication is very important when we consider the international marketing scenario. Actually, international business does not involve everything that management embraces in worldwide activities, as initial impressions might suggest. Rather, the focus is on the structural framework of the institutions and organizations that produce international transactions. The concern is more with the realities involved in the motivation, functioning, and behavior of business firms engaged in business activities beyond their home countries. International business can be defined as the study of firms that are involved in business-related endeavors more than one country. Since marketing is a business function, by this definition international marketing must be considered as a specialty area of study within the broader field of international business. International trade, sometimes referred to as foreign trade, is the vanguard discipline in the field ...
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