Importance Of Communication Model In International Marketing

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Importance of Communication Model in International Marketing

Importance of Communication Model in International Marketing


International business is, perhaps, the broadest perspective for explaining the involvement of business firms in foreign business endeavours. Once management has made the decision to engage in international marketing, an analysis of potential foreign markets (market entry analysis) is made to determine the pros and cons of the market. Communication is a primary instrument that determines the success and failure of organizations in an international business scenario (Kleindl, 2007).


Various approaches to delineate the communication model have been formulated. In an extremely basic approach, according to Shannon and Weaver model, there are various elements that must be considered when formulating a communication strategy.

Issuer is the one who sends the message; he may or not be always a person. The second person in this process is a receiver, who receives the information. Within a primitive concept of communication, he is known as a receiver, but the term is more appropriate in the field of information theory. The third entity in this process is a channel. Channel is the physical environment by which the message is transmitted. For instance, the Internet makes it possible to transfer the messages from one individual to other in a broad scenario. The fourth entity in this process involves a code. It is the form that the message takes to exchange information between the source (the sender) and destination (receiver). It involves the understanding or decoding the information packet being transferred to understand the message. Situation or context is the scenario or extra linguistic environment which develops the message (Mu¨hlbacher & Leihs, 2006).

Communication is an essentially vital thing to be successful in international marketing of the goods and services. The analysis of the receiver assists the marketer in formulating the communication strategy, which a particular person ...
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