Community Health Nursing

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Health care provisions guarantee well being of any society. They are the provisions that, if not availed, can lead to dire consequences of health related issues on the individual as well as on the society on macroeconomic levels. In those societies where health care facilities are conveniently accessible to the common men, prosperity and harmony reigns supreme. Nursing plays a central role in delivering health care, and so is critical to any nation's well-being. No other health care professional has such a vast and dynamic role. Community Health Nursing is defined as a set of actions that are aimed at providing care to the individuals who are ill, mentally incapable, or dying, not only within the realms of the hospitals but in any other environment where health care may be required. This is a profession for providing help and assistance to those already suffering. Their role is far-reaching and they have multiple roles to fulfill for the patient at home, rather than just being a care taker (Vollman, 2003).


Community nurses are skilled professionals, who are skilled at multi tasking and take up the mission of working under challenging circumstances while others just limit themselves to the restrained boundaries of hospitals where their roles and duties are limited. The duty of a community nurse involves passion to serve and commitment to provide uninterrupted healthcare. She/he is the one who work in diverse settings and this involves not only her vigilance, skills and technicalities; but also enough emotional balance to be able to dedicate her/his self towards the patient's recovery (Vollman, 2003).

Explanation how Perceptions effect on Healthcare

When people are suffering from a chronic disease since a long time, especially cancer; one of their prime concerns in life is their life expectancy. Their concern is to ensure every now and then, that they are going to live. That they are going to see their children again. For them, life now has a completely new meaning. Each day is a page that, once turned over, will not be read again. Caring for these patients require a thorough regard for life and health care provision. I, being a community nurse can only be successful if I build a bridge between myself and the patient. This bridge should promote love, care, and friendliness. It should be a relation of empathy. Understandings of the relation between the body and spirit enables a nurse provide support and health care to the patients in a more effective way. In the end it is this caring and support given by the nurse that is going to be valued. For quality health care and support to the patient, I should be committed in my actions and persevere should be my motto in life. There comes certain situations where the patient stresses out and it becomes difficult to manage them; in such situations my attitude towards health care provision, particularly commitment and dedication towards the patient and his/her illness recovery goes a long ...
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