Comparative Textual Analysis

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Comparative Textual Analysis


For the purpose of comparison, we shall pick up two pieces of work. One is 'Kinky' by Denise Duhamel and the other is 'Barbie Doll'. Both the authors were female, and with limited access at the time, both of them managed to contribute greatly towards the work of improving the reputation of women in the society and made significant extensions for their uplift in the society. We shall look into details of both the works that have been intended for this comparative study.

'Kinky' by Denise Duhamel

As the title suggested above, the author has marked the feelings and emotions of all the female and feminine figures that were there at the time.

With an exceptionally blissful lifestyle and a strong educational background, Duhamel has a soft corner for the women of her time and worked tirelessly in order to remove and lessen the suppression that women would face at the time . Several accounts of books that she had bought forward include Smile and Girl Soldier as one of the earliest pieces of poetry she had presented (McCabe, 1).

Kinky was by far the most popular and exceptionally famous piece of work Duhamel has put forth which is renowned for the humor, satire and feminism altogether in one piece and speaks for all women; the script included women of good or bad nature, respected or not considered part of society . The piece covers and embodies the perfection of a love story between Barbie and Ken, two plastic dolls that have been made out of perfection and great poise that humans could not possibly portray (McCabe, 1).

It contains the love and relationship between these two lifeless beings have; it is close, comfy, comforting, humble, blissful and all so beautiful as the flow of the text displays. The first half of the poem implies a more explicit piece of the relationship, reflecting a more physically intimate bond between the two people . A more romantic scene is being knit in the preamble of the poem, showing how close the two are and that, unknowing of the consequences that may follow, they plan to let go of time and gravity they are in and loose themselves in one another's soul.

The latter portion of the connection showing a more realistic approach to life-fights and arguments that people have in their daily routine in terms of not being fully satisfied with their significant other and therefore walking away from them to avail other options and pursuing them for fulfilling their beings. This portion suggests Barbie finding Ken making out with a plastic doll, which was rolled and stuffed in Ken's dwellings . When I heard and found out about my 13-year old daughter I tried of odds of making significant restrictive methods and undertakings that were available to me at the time. Generally when parents encounter such situations, their immediate reaction to such items is generally negative and completely blown away (Board, 7).

These results in restricted behavioral patterns and ...
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