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Computer Crimes and Ethics

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The paper talks about computer crime and its ethical position. It briefly studies computer crimes and its types. Moreover, it discusses computer crimes and ethics in detail. The paper also touches upon the causes of computer crimes and computer ethics. Finally, in the end, it gives the solutions and recommendations to the problem of computer crimes.

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Computer Crime1

Types of Computer Crime2



Copyright Infringement2


Computer Ethics2

Cyber Crime and Ethics3

Causes of Computer Crime4

Solutions and Recommendations to the Problem4



Computer Crimes and Ethics


With the growing popularity of the internet, many questions have surfaced on computer safety and computer crime, as cyber criminals increase their activities day by day, more and more people are worried about the safety and security about the data available online. This has altered the thoughts and perception of many people about the computer and the internet. However, this information revolution has affected the life of the people in good ways and bad ways. It has provided us commerce, employment, entertainment, education and human relationship, and a whole new era of information has started due to computers and internet. Nevertheless, the question remains in the minds of the people, is the computer and the internet a safe and secure place to enjoy all the above mentioned amenities. This paper would talk about computer crimes and will discuss in detail the ethical side of this crime and how we can protect ourselves from these cyber criminals.


Computer Crime

First of all let's talk about what exactly is computer crime. Computer crime is any traditional criminal activity that involves the use of computer. However, it may include those activities as well that are parallel to non computer activities. Here, the problem is not that of the physical security of the hardware (for e.g. protecting it from theft, fire etc.), rather it is the security of the data and the information that is of prime importance (Bynum, Terrell. 2011).

Types of Computer Crime

Computer crimes can be broadly categorized in four categories i.e. theft, fraud, copyright infringement, and attacks.


Theft in computer crime terminology is referred to as either the removal of physical items such as hardware or unauthorized removal or copying of data or information.


Fraud on the internet can be anything to the extent of credit card fraud to capture personal information, to medical sites that purport to sell altered medications.

Copyright Infringement

The internet has provided a distinctive environment for copyright infringement. It involves the use of software, music, games that are not acquired appropriately i.e. purchased. Software piracy is the one that is occurred more easily as it can be easily posted all over the world. Another very costly copyright infringement occurs when trademarks and logos of companies are posted on unauthorized websites.


Attacks on the organization or individual can be physical or logical. There are several examples of websites, products, and individuals being attacked by individuals or groups.

Computer Ethics

Computer ethics are the moral principles that control the use of computers. As technological advances takes place day in and day out, ...
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