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Does Corporate Sponsored Charity Benefit Society?


The paper focuses on corporate sponsored charity benefit to society. Figures out whether corporate charity is benefical or not, does it help or hurt society, is it just big business helping themselfs to free advertisment. A fundraising activity is a simple method of reinvesting wealth. Instead of simply donating cash to a charity, a bazaar would be able to increase the amount of charitable money by charging entrepreneurs an entrance or rental fee. Also, profit sharing would help increase the wealth of the fund. With the right marketing techniques, large crowds can be attracted to charitable runs, thus increasing potential returns to the initial cost of organising such an event. Fundraising activities can become tradition for communities that enjoy them. With effective rapport, these events can be held on an annual basis and will encourage further donations and activities to boost charitable causes.

Does corporate sponsored charity benefit society?

When holding charity money in trust, there are a few avenues of dispersing funds to the needy. Many charities simply donate a lump-sum amount to orphanages or shelters and rely on further donations in order to make a further disbursement. How this would be done can be illustrated in a simple example: small-scale businesses partake in a bazaar where a percentage of their net profits are channelled back to the organisers for charity disbursements. Additionally, the organisers of the bazaar may wish to levy a rental fee for booths. Either way, there are plenty of benefits of using entrepreneurs to raise funds for charity through simple events such as bazaars and mini-markets. (Putney, 1992, 70) If you are a privy to a charitable trust-fund, you may want to consider the following factors.

Setting an example in the community will lead to charitable events in the future. (Putney, 1992, 70) Both entrepreneurs and the "buyers" of their products will be encouraged to continuously promote and support charitable acts in the future. It also instils philanthropic values in future generations and allows them to appreciate the comforts they live with and those who are less fortunate. This way, younger children will be enticed to partake in charitable events in the future. Organising a charitable run is not easy. It requires participation from different parties, including: sponsors (if necessary), marketing agents, the entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood, logistics teams and personnel and the awareness of the community as a whole. When organising such an activity, new relationships are created and a greater trust between members of the community are built with a common goal to reach out to the less fortunate. Overall, networking through fun-raising activities creates a caring society. (McGuire, 1983)

Similarly for entrepreneurs, especially those who are operating at minute-scale - this would be an opportunity for them to expand their products and services to new clientele. Therefore, they will see fundraising activities to meet new potential "clients." Their "clients' in turn will also be able to network with new service-providers and may feel less intimidated by small scaled service providers, ...
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