Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Firstly, this discussion will identify a for-profit company (medium to large sized) of your choice. The paper will wxplain what the company does, what goods or services it provides, how it makes its money, and any other relevant information about its business operations. In addition, the discussion will identify the company's CSR record and uncover its history of donating to charities, and identify the type of charity the company typically targets. The organization that has been selected for this purpose is Steve Nash Fitness World. This will be followed by the identification of a charitable organization that would appeal to the Steve Nash Fitness World. The charitable organization will researched and the discussion will summarize what it does, whom it serves, what its goals are and how it is currently funded. In addition, the discussion will also highlight how it the charitable organization benefits from a donation (either in cash or in kind) by a prospective donor. The organization that has been selected for this purpose is the charitable organization Bikes without borders.

Steve Nash Fitness World

In 2007 Steve Nash, along with founding partners Mark Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm created the first Steve Nash Sports Club in Vancouver, British Columbia. Now, Fitness World, the iconic Canadian chain of health clubs, has joined with the Steve Nash Sports Club brand to become Steve Nash Fitness World. The new collaborated brand reflects Steve's original vision of promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is accessible to everyone, along with the belief that “every member is the center of our attention.” Steve Nash formed the Steve Nash Foundation in 2001.

Through grants to public service and non-profit entities, the Foundation aims to grow healthy kids by funding projects that provide services to children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, or neglect, and create opportunity for education, play and empowerment. The Foundation focuses its resources on communities in Phoenix, Arizona and British Columbia, Canada, but has recently begun to expand its scope to high-need areas in other countries. The Steve Nash Sports Club is a proud contributor to the Foundation. As a good corporate citizen, our charitable involvement focuses on health, fitness and education initiatives that make a difference in our community and to the people that live here.

The research performed on the Steve Nash Foundation reveals that the foundation is active in the pursuit of its objectives. However, the research also revealed that the Steve Nash Foundation makes use of its CSR efforts to serve as the multilateral purpose of marketing for the Steve Nash Fitness World. In essence, the Steve Nash Fitness World tends to display the classic characteristics of a for-profit organization. The Steve Nash Fitness World, seeks to give credibility to the Steve Nash Fitness World; which in turn takes advantage of the Steve Nash brand name. The overall impact of this approach helps brand the Steve Nash brand.

Bikes without Borders

Bikes Without Borders is a Canadian non-profit group that travels the world distributing bicycles to developing communities. They operate under the assumption ...
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