Critical Incident Management

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Critical incident management

Critical incident management


A critical incident is defined as an event or incident which results in a potential liability of disciplines such as; ASCH or material nature involving hospitalization and operation. This is related to a personal injury, but can also involve damage (Leonhardt, & Vogt, 2006). Following are the sets of actions that could be taken by an individual in case such sort of incidents occur:

Ensure that the person injured gets immediate medical attention

Ensure that the danger is the cause of the incident is controlled

Ensure that consent forms and medical information personnel are to hand

Contact the insurance broker in all accident cases

Contact CADS and represent your discipline (discipline MUST appoint a contact person)

Establish which is the reference person on the site (in general the DT or the President of the test)

Identify key representatives in connection with the incident (facilities, medical club) and get all their contact details

Get the Form incident report CADS as soon as possible, please take notes of what happened and the steps taken subsequently

If possible, obtain a copy of the report of the ski patrol and the name of physicians on the mountain or in the hospital.


The incidents such as road traffic accidents could be highly mundane under several circumstances, as the lives of innocent individuals are at stake. Such sort of event could escalate quickly into deadly events resulting in the death of many individuals. Under such circumstances the local law enforcement agencies can play an essential role on effective and timely management of the injured people, along with moving them to safety to save their life. Along, with that the local law enforcement agencies are also involved in repercussions where the local personnel's are injured or these is a danger of large damaging local properties (Boyd, 1998). In this we are going ...
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