Cultural Comparison

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Cultural comparison

Cultural comparison

In the world of today we can state that the family life is even more important. As the number of broken families is on an increase, so is the rate of misdeed in our societies. The children who bear in their childhood because their families need in some facet may not be adept to become very good human beings. Thus we have to battle contrary to the tendency due to which the family binds are disintegrating very fast and body-fluid relatives are mislaying their significance to people. (Floyd, 2004)

The components of the world, where family binds appear to be no longer that significant, are the USA and Poland. These countries know-how disintegration of a family when the children entire their education and start earning. A couple of decades back even in Poland it was not very widespread to depart your parents until you required to. Now it is sort of a latest tendency to start dwelling individually, and numerous times in a town other than the hometown. This conceives a gap between the parents and the kids. In America an existence drop in the identical evolved part of the world, but these are adept to keep the family unit heritage to some extent. For demonstration, in Spain a junction family scheme still exists. (Simon, 2008)

While marriage is progressively glimpsed as an absolutely optional "folkloric tradition" in Poland, it is still rather significant in the USA (probably because belief is furthermore more significant there). Statistically Americans wed much more than Polish, but furthermore end wedding ceremony more. Gay marriage, now lawful in some EU countries and barely a topic for argument in Poland (because of the little significance of marriage in Poland nowadays), is still vehemently are against by a large-scale part of the US population. (Floyd, 2004)Wedding observance is furthermore much more significant and prescribed in the USA. In most of Poland it is restricted to a casual family accumulating (usually at the bride or groom's parental home). Marriages customs manage alter substantially between Polish and American countries, and even more between families. (Simon, 2008)But in mean it is absolutely less significant than in the States. Furthermore, there are some powerful nationwide American customs considering marriage observance, like conveying "something vintage, certain thing new, certain thing scrounged, and certain thing blue". (Floyd, 2004)

The basic environment of welfare in the US and Poland has changed.  Twenty years before, welfare was premised on civic status.  It was an a claim afforded to all people, which assured a rudimentary grade of earnings and advantages in the localities of wellbeing care, lodgings, and education.  Now, the premise behind most welfare programs is that they comprise an agreement between the state and those searching aid for rudimentary means.  At the centre of this new agreement is a responsibility to work.  (Floyd, 2004)In both Poland and the US, workfare (or activation as it is often called in Poland) has restored welfare as the major pattern of communal aid for society's ...
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