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Decision Making Based on Mission and Vision of an Organization


Every company or organizations have its own mission and vision statements. The mission statement tells the reason of the company's existence. Mission answers the question of “Why are we here.” A mission statement gives guidance to its employees to perform their work in compliance and according to the objective of the business. Vision statement tells where the company is going and what are its plans and goals.

Mission, values, and vision differ from organization to organization; depending on the industry. Specifically talking about the health care institutions, where the basic aim of the organization is to provide excellent health care facility through an experienced staff. Everyone knows that the quality of medication is the primary aim for a health care institute like a hospital. Many hospitals have the mission to deliver quality services and medication at a reasonable price. In this mission statement, the price factor acts as the company's competitive edge over its rivals.


Most of the health care institutions consider their patient as their top priority, but the employees and staff should be encouraged in the same way. The case study on the medical care centre is a very particular issue. This case discusses that a male nurse, whose duty is in the operation theatre, has developed AIDS in his body. AIDS is fatal after 2 years. It is a contagious disease, which spreads to a person to a person on blood transfusion between an AIDS patient and an ordinary individual. This case is a very sensitive issue. The mission and values of the Medical care centre is to treat their patient with the utmost care and on the other hand, works for the development and care of its employees too (Oshinsky, 2006). It is the policy of the Community medical care centre to work for the environment for its employees, which is free from harassment and discrimination (


Apart from the company's own policy, the protection of individuals with HIV/AIDS is also supported by the federal law. According to the federal law, “When making hiring or promotion decisions, you may not discriminate against an individual who is believed to be HIV/AIDS-infected.” The court of law talks about the protection of HIV infected employees by saying that, as an employee with HIV/AIDS is considered as a handicapped and therefore, the employer must make reasonable accommodation for him or her (

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