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Determinants of Health in Health Services

Determinants of Health in Health Services


Health services that include medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse (see the section on treatment for drug abuse or drugs) are provided by medical institutions. Emphasis is placed on prevention, early care and identification of health problems to prevent chronic health problems. Health services are the determinants of health but health in health services can also be determined through different factors. Demand of health services is one of the most important determinants which are discussed in this paper in detail.

Thesis statement

“Demand of health services determines the quality and efficiency of these services because fulfilling the health care need of population is influenced by many factors”.


Medical services a set of measures including medical services, organizational and technical measures, sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, provision of medicines etc. which are developed to meet the needs of the population to maintain and restore health. Health services, particularly those designed to protect and promote health and prevent disease, contribute to the health of the population (Andersen and Newman, 2005). There are a number of ways through health care systems are classified. The classification pillars on a number of factors which helps in determining quality and efficiency of these services (Manzoor, Hashmi and Mukhtar, 2009).

Determinants of health services

Various health determinants or factors must be taken into account when defining the concept of health, and that refer to aspects as varied as the biological, hereditary, personal, family, social, environmental, nutritional, economic , labor, culture, values, educational, health and religious. Almost all of these factors can be modified, including some important biologic factors, given the advances in genetic, scientific, technological and medical. Though health services itself is a determinant of health but health in these services are also determined by certain factors. These factors may include:

Delivery of health services

The term "delivery" means the mode of combination of the various elements (financial, personnel, equipment and drugs) to ensure a series of interventions in the field of health. It is estimated that more outreach and achieving the Millennium Development Goals are hampered by the lack of managerial capacity at all levels of the health system.

Demand for health services

The demand is the amount of care from a certain type that a particular person is willing to get, for a certain period of time, in order to meet their health needs. It is influenced by different factors depending on the perceived need, the behavior of the disease and the supply of services where a need can become unspoken demand.

Access to health services

After analyzing the characteristics of population and their annual spending level as well as, resources available for them that is supply of medicines. It is also the basic need of every human regardless of his/ her social status that they have at least minimum or required access to health care services.

Demand for health services

The demand is the amount of care from a certain type that a particular person is willing to get, for a certain period of ...
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