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Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article

Main idea

The article 'Gentlemen, Start Conserving' talks about the initiatives taken by the American Sports business, Nascar for the purposes of conserving energy. It has decided to go green. For achieving the purpose, it has decided on conserving and generating its own energy. Although the cars used in races emit an enormous amount of hazardous gases, Nascar has taken steps to keep the environment safe from such gases. In this process, Nascar will save a huge amount of money, as well. The article talks about the ways that Nascar will adopt to reduce the effects of these hazardous gases emitted during car races (Belson, 2010).

Nascar has decided to plant 10 trees after each race. It has also decided to make Sunoco Green E 15 ethanol blend its official fuel this season. Though it will hurt the speed on the race track, but the gases that it will emit will not be very harmful for the human beings.

Empirical evidence

The article is written by a sport editor of the New York Times, and he has mentioned the views of the raceway's president. He has taken views of the drivers as well on the company's initiative. Moreover, there are views of the Chief Sustainability officer of Roush Fenway. Nascar hired Michael Lynch as the director of green innovation, and his views are also expressed in the article. The author of the article has also mentioned the strategies that the company will undertake to implement the green initiative (Belson, 2010).

The story is framed in a manner that has helped the company, as well as, the readers. It has connected the company, Nascar with the concept of eco friendly environment. This has outlined the importance of eliminating the emission of hazardous gases. This is the main reason why the article has been publicly accepted. The main idea of the article is about Nascar's initiatives of conserving energy. The company is huge in the sports car racing industry and any decision taken by the company will impact the whole industry. This means that the decisions taken by the company will impact the car racers and the car producing companies. The decision of Nascar about the energy conversation will surely positively impact every person and every company associated with it and will also make sure that the eco friendly strategies are adopted.


The article follows the thematic frames as it provides a lot of background information. This is how the author has made sure that the readers get the appropriate message and has then talked about some of the current practices that companies are undertaking for promoting the green environment. This is one of the practices that the companies in order to make sure that they support the concept of economic-friendly environment. With the thematic background, it is easy for the readers to connect to the article at once because of the background information that is provided. The background information provided in the article tells us about what has been happening in the past and how ...
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