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Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage


Over the past few decades, shortage of registered nurses in the United States of America has become a critical issue. Government and the healthcare sector have taken numerous measures motivating the individuals to pursue careers in nursing such as providing better working environment, managed work load and compensation packages. The economic recession has decreased the demand of nurses, but hiring agencies are still facing a shortage of nurses in order to fulfill the demands of hospitals. The roles of nursing have evolved with the passage of time in terms of new technologies and providing health care to a variety of patients. The need for critical thinking is one of the most sought after skills which is required in a nurse and is important to provide initial care to the patients due to the increase in number of people signing up for the health care programs (Wood, 2010). We will be reviewing the news article written by Claire Courchane, published in the Washington Times on 6th June 2011. The news report discusses the acute shortage of nurses in United States of America. It also highlights the factors of shortage of nurses in the economy.


It is discussed that as the economy of United States is anxiously looking for employment strategies, the nursing occupation is facing a shortage of potential candidates for contributing in the field of nursing (Courchane, 2011). It has been observed and reported by the nursing schools that they are unable to keep up with the current and upcoming demand of nursing professionals. Although the shortage of nursing is not new, the above fact is significant as the shortfall has not been eliminated despite the economic recession in the US economy. The national employment rate has climbed up to 9% (Courchane, 2011), and still the ...
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