Discipleship Counseling By Dr. Neil Anderson

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Discipleship Counseling by Dr. Neil Anderson

Discipleship Counseling by Dr. Neil Anderson


Neil Anderson's book, Discipleship Counseling, is packed with information and insight that was inspired by the Holy Spirit on how to help people break free from personal or spiritual bondage and to also find the peace that only Christ can offer. Information is presented in a way that will enable a counselor to be more comfortable, confident and competent in a role as encourager. Knowledge is also shared so the counselor can be the kind of helper that is needed to help people be set free. A tool presented to the counselor is “The Steps to Freedom in Christ” which shows specific methods to discipleship counseling. Chapter themes, such as, “Defining mental health” and “Counseling the Spiritually Oppressed” go into specifics in certain areas that may need to be addressed in the counseling sessions. The information is presented in such a way that the counselor is able to take the information and put it into practice with those who come to them for help.

Discipleship Counseling by Dr. Neil Anderson (2003) provides the reader with great insight and prepares the counselor to be able to counsel and help those who are in bondage to past hurts and sin. The information in this book also provides counselors with the information to help free people from their emotional pain and spiritual conflicts and guide them to a more complete understanding of who they are in Christ. However, the last theme in Discipleship Counseling is the actual Steps to Freedom in Christ. Anderson states that he realizes that Jesus did not just come to die on the cross for our sins. He also came to give us freedom in Christ. And further states that he had a misunderstanding of the spiritual world and that God revealed to him that Jesus came to undo the works of Satan.


Today we went through perilous times, many people live enslaved and tormented by problems resulting from their sins and errors. Some also live to be victims of the injustice of others. However, there are marriages on the brink of divorce, young people are easily misled to indulge in vices, and pornography has caused society to be more and more depraved. Moreover, this world offers only perversion and evil influence on society, the lack of good over Moral values ??and respect among individuals, Satan has managed to fall into despair for many, tying them in their sins and in some cases bringing them to suicide. Moreover, many religions have engaged in cheating and profiting in the name of God or the saints. However, if you're not really happy, or you're desperate, you probably do even religion as a means to approach God, or you accepted Jesus into your heart, once, but you're a mediocre Christianity, fruitless, Having problems to overcome sin? You're not really free! You need the friendship and the power of Jesus in your life.


Unit 1 aims to remind us what the Bible says about man ...
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