Domestic Violence

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Overview of the topic

The topic which has been selected for the following study is “domestic violence”. As mentioned in many studies the term domestic violence is defined as the domestic abuse, battering and family violence. The term domestic violence is best described as the pattern of various kinds of abusive attitudes and behaviors by one single partner as compared to the other. Such abusive behavior can exists in intimate relationship such as marriage, family and dating. The studies have also mentioned that domestic violence includes various forms which may also involve physical assault and aggression, biting, restraining and throwing objects and economic deprivation.

Many researchers have conducted studies on domestic violence and have stated that domestic violence is described as the pattern of abusive behavior which is utilized by people in order to gain power over an intimate partner (Hester, 2006, pp 66)

The abuse which is basically done in domestic violence can be physical, economical and psychological actions which can affect and influence the other person. The abusive behavior can also involve threatening, frightening, manipulating and hurting someone else. The studies have further proved that domestic violence exists in every culture, country and section. It affects and influences people from all walks of life. Moreover it also affects people from different socioeconomic, educational and religious backgrounds (Wilcox, 2006, pp 25)

Sociological relevance

Over the years, many studies have been conducted by many sociologists, who have stated that sociology and sociological theory has been effective and efficient in analyzing and examining the institutional conflict and domestic violence (Wilcox, 2006, pp 31). The following research holds sociological relevance in the field of sociology. The following research will help other sociologists in criminalizing domestic violence and will also change the perceptions of the entire western society (Donald, 2006, pp 13)

Organization of the proposal

The following research proposal is based on the topic of “domestic violence”. The initial part of the following research will demonstrate and provide details on the introduction of the topic. The initial chapter of the research will also highlight the sociological relevance of the study. Later in the following research literature review on the topic will be provided. The literature review will explain and emphasize on the previous research studies which have been conducted in the specific field. The chapter of literature review will illustrate and provide information regarding domestic violence the determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investment. After reviewing the literature, the research will provide the methodology of the study. After the methodology, discussion and analysis will also be provided on the specific study. The research will be ended with a conclusion and recommendations for future research study (Albert, 2007, pp 11)

Literature review


Domestic violence is defined as the behavior and pattern of coercive behaviors and tactics which are used by one individual over the other in order to gain power and control. The coercive behavior may involve verbal and sexual abuse. Moreover emotional and physical abuse is also a part of domestic violence. Many researchers and sociologists have conducted studies ...
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