E-Crm In Indian Banking Sector

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Implementing E-CRM for Indian Banking Sector

Table of contents

Chapter One: Introductionv


Chapter Two: Literature reviewxii

Customer Relationship Managementxii

Technological perspective on E-CRMxiv

Non-tech perspectives on E-CRMxvi

E-CRM conceptualizationxvii

(1) Strategy perspective of E-CRMxviii

(2) Process perspective of E-CRMxx

(3) Technology perspective of E-CRMxx

(4) Philosophy perspective of E-CRMxxii

E-CRM Definitionxxiii

Component 2: Customer knowledgexxiv

Component 3: Profitable customerxxv

Component 4: Customer-centric focusxxv

Component 5: Strategyxxvi

Low-tech involvementxxvii

Differences between small and medium-sized enterprisesxxviii

Implementing E-CRM in Organisationsxxviii


Development of the Research Problemxxxii

Chapter Three: Research Modelxxxiv

Research Modelxxxiv

New E-CRM strategy implementation model Factorsxxxvii

Organizational Factorsxxxviii

a. Organizational Integrationxxxix

b. Executive Commitmentxli

c. System Readinessxlii

d. Resource Availabilityxliv

Strategic Factorsxlv

Chapter Four: Research Methodsxlvii


Research Designxlvii

Research Questionnairexlvii

Validity and Reliabilityxlviii

Data Analysisxlix

Ethical Considerations of the Projectl

Chapter Five: Resultsli

Demographic Characteristicsli

Company Profilelii

Chapter six: Conclusionsliii

Evaluation of the Researchliii

Organizational factorsliv

Strategic factorsliv

Cultural factorslv

Managerial Implicationslvi




Chapter One: Introduction


Markets and competition start to get unstable and fierce between every organisation in recent ten years, there are new challenges need to be solved and these kind of factors are constant for Indian banks (Smith, 2005), the major reasons of market becomes so complex are the revolution of internet and information technology, it forces many Indian banks to change their system, process, structure and service. Since the internet has be developed, people start to use the internet to do many things because the internet does not just only provides the information searching, communication, sending e-mail, but also many business service. Another reason of the rate race is global competition, Indian banks can deliver their goods to the whole world by airlift, sealift, or instituting branches and factories in other countries, every company tries to hire the employees and workers who just needs the lower wage in order to reduce the cost, it means firms does not only face competitors who comes from their own country but also from the whole world. As a result, customers now can choose and purchase the most suitable products by comparing the price and functions through the Internet, and enterprises face not only the new type of trade which is E commerce but also many competitors from the whole world.

Indian banks started to realize using the internet to attract customers are more efficient and can save costs too, they can use the Web to show their business and products information, and they can send E-mail to their customers without costing any fee. To compare with the previous way the Indian bank sale their business by fly sheet and television advertising, the internet is more fast and cheap, most people started to spend their time in internet much more than television after the speed of the internet has been increased, they even read the news by the internet, not television, the benefits of the internet are fast and can let users do many things at the same time, users can collect many data and compare all of them to choose which one is better in a short time, do not need to spend a lot of time to check newspapers and magazines. However, there are too many companies use the internet to propagandize their business and provide their service, in order to gain more ...
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