Entwistle Book Summary

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Entwistle Book Summary

Entwistle Book Summary


The main purpose of this paper is to write the summary of Entwistle's book on psychology and Christianity. The summary of the book has been discussed in this paper, and this paper describes the main learning's from this book and my views about this book.


The main purpose of this paper is to write the summary of the book “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and And Models of Integration”. The author David Entwistle has discussed the Christian faith of psychology. Entwistle has described the symbolism in his book, and he discussed the symbolism which is discussed by Tertullian for the purpose of making representations in the Athens (Collins, 2003). This has been done as the voice of reason and Jerusalem. Entwistle, in his book, has discussed the issue that whether there is any integration between psychology and Christianity or not? He focused that there is some difference between psychology and philosophy and theology, and the main difference is that in psychology some methods are used for the purpose of describing the behavioral and physical observations of man.

In this book, the author has used a theme that has synchronized with the main theme of the book “All truth is God's truth”. This theme has helped in resolving the conflicts from the book, and it has resolved the conflicts of truth. He says that all the views of Christianity and psychology are originated from God. In this book, he has also presented a complete knowledge about the historical background of the debate on faith versus reason. It is the history since centuries, that both scientists and organized religions have critiques on themselves (Bassett, 2003). He wrote in his book that, on the question of truth, the church victimized the scientists during the period of Copernicus and Galileo. Similarly, the proponents of science have also claimed the faith as being less intellectual, including J.W. Draper.

Entwistle has described another concept in his book this concept is the concept of worldview and interpretation. In this concept, the author argues that there is also some bias for the person who keeps on searching the truth and the main reason of bias are that how they perceive the world (Entwistle, 2010). It is a belief of a Christian that God created a person keeping in view the purpose of glorifying him. Entwistle argues in his book that to examine a person's assumption is difficult because it makes a determination on how a person can make interpretations of Bible and the world. Entwistle argued that by making science as descriptive as prescriptive of the world can create integration between Christianity and psychology.

He says that any answer can be given by having a secular worldview and science. Entwistle has made descriptions of five integration models including Colonists, Enemies, Allies, Spies and Neutral Parties. Tertullian has made arguments that it is not possible to make both faith and reason in an ...
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