Ethnic Group Conflict Paper

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Ethnic Group Conflict Paper

Ethnic Group Conflict Paper

Concept of conformity

Conformity means an act of matching beliefs, behaviors, and attitude to group's norms. Here norms mean implied rules that are shared by a group of people, which guides their communications with other people, social group and among the society. This affinity to conform occurs in small groups, or society at large. This propensity to affirm can result from slight unconscious influences, or this can be use to direct or open a way for social pressure. The conformity can occur when individuals are alone or in the presence of other people (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005).

Example of conformity is that people try to follow norms even when they are in a dinner gathering or they are eating alone. People are often found matching their behavior due to security concerns. In case of religion, conformity leads people to believe and perform their activities more like a particular group. This means that people related to a particular religion will behave in a particular manner (Blair, Mitchel & Blair 2005).

In our case Muslims will be found behaving in a particular direction whereas Hindus will be found behaving in another direction. For example Muslims will be found dressing in a particular style which differentiates their physical attire to other people. Hindus are also found wearing clothes in another style which differentiates him from a Muslim. Muslims wear Kurta Shalwar and Cap which is not or rarely found in Hindus. Same is the case with their food. Something which is legitimate in Muslims is not legitimate Hindus like meat (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005).

Social Perception

Social perception denotes to that part of awareness which helps a person to understand and know about a particular group or individual in his society. Social perception is powerful enough to make a person act according to his perception. Fake Social perception can be created but providing only that information to the individuals or groups which can affect their perception. It is assumed that if a person has a particular trait which he or she is following than it is fair enough to judge that he or she will be having traits similar to that particular perception. This is many times used to trick peoples. In case of Hindus and Muslims difference of perception has created great disturbance among them for the past years (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2007).

Muslims of India are at cold war with the Hindus of India due to this vary reason. Muslims were considered to be different in the belief, ideology and culture whereas Hindus were also considered same by the Muslims. In India this created a gap in the people and this many riots and destruction throughout India (Blair, Mitchel & Blair 2005).

Social cognition is the encoding of information followed by storage in mind, retrieval from memory and processing of information which relates to particular species. For example Hindus use to refer to various abilities of Muslims. This is developed through observation then connecting the observed knowledge with ...
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