Expression In Architecture

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Expression in Architecture

Expression in Architecture


Most human activities, as individuals and as members of a society develop into a built environment. Architecture has been the answer to every need of space based on those activities which, over time, have seen their variety and complexity. The cities in Saudi Arabia is the place where this phenomenon is clearer, as these centers of activity and human exchanges have become "more space" where it is necessary to all kinds of useful settings to suit modern life.

In this sense, architecture, in any culture and geography, should be understood as a profession that provides answers to a complex process that involves not only functional, but aesthetic concerns, social, cultural, economic and, in a very important this, ecological. Thus, the architecture can be seen today as a profession of commitment in Saudi Arabia that goes beyond the full and proper solution of individual buildings: this commitment involves decisions that have to do with the larger frame of the city and society. Current demands in Saudi Arabia imposed by the search for sustainable development of mankind at every level (ecological, economic, cultural, functional and social) driving the architecture to respond to a wider range of requirements and conditions.

Seen in this light, contemporary architecture as a profession involves a conscious and responsible task of planning, design and construction of living quarters by man. This work goes beyond this when one realize that "architecture is the profession that leaves, for many years, the physical and tangible legacy of the short passage of man by a culture” (Jencks, 2005).

Labor Market

The architect is a very diverse labor market in Saudi Arabia; one can develop their career in public or private sector, responding to the needs of an individual as a community.

Their training allows one to participate in all stages of design and construction of space and prepares it to interact in interdisciplinary teams.

It is common at the beginning of the graduate professional assist in the design and construction companies in Saudi Arabia. In order to complete and consolidate the work experience, and then form company, this independence allows one to continue in the practice of architecture for the rest of his career.

Areas of Expertise

Architect's career at in Saudi Arabia is basically structured in the general areas of architecture, architectural design, construction and management in its executive-business.

The architectural design is the area of greatest dedication and which pursues the highest importance. It is the intrinsic commitment to architecture.

Construction is the area receiving the greatest impact of technological development, the curriculum in Saudi Arabia looks like 1995 best strategy for this area to "teach students to catch up" for themselves and pace that requires the time, through focused training courses.

Executive management, business architecture is an area that looks like in Saudi Arabia high professional development option for their graduates. It outlines an architect businessman, able to plan, coordinate, manage and promote good architecture. This area has a leadership perspective for the architect to cope with the expertise that has already been opened in free ...
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