Financial Business Plan

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Financial Business Plan - Jet Fan Technology Ltd

Financial Business Plan - Jet Fan Technology Ltd


Business Plan is a document management program of action, the scheme and the analytical calculation of business operations and actions of the firm, which provides information about the company, products, their production, marketing, markets, and efficient operations of the organization. Business plan of the enterprise is the primary tool for managing the firm, which determines the efficiency of the enterprise in a specific area and specific market segment. Developing a business plan for a company also requires an effective business planning, which allows competent and effective management of the enterprise (McKeever, 1992, pp 87 - 91).


Business Plan

In order to survive in a fiercely competitive market, the company has to have skills and the capacity to respond quickly to any possible changes that occur in the market and within the enterprise. This is possible only in the following conditions: (Martin, 1988, pp 84 - 96). Investor and the company's administration are able to correctly and adequately evaluate the present financial situation of enterprises, the actual location of a company in the market, the ability to track and analyze trends changes in market conditions and the real reasons for these changes;

Management firm is keenly aware of their strategic and tactical goals, as well as challenges to the achievement of which should move the company; (Covello & Hazelgren, 1993, pp 120 - 123). Leadership and management firm properly use business planning to develop strategic enterprise development and are able to identify the strategic and operating goals and objectives. Apart from that, company should strictly control the fulfilment of all the structural subdivisions of each step of the business plan to achieve priority objectives. Investor, the leadership and management of the company understands the processes that occur on the market within the firm and the external environment.

Business planning

Most activities, if not all, in a project must be completed on a pre-determined schedule. It is therefore necessary for managers to have a good idea of ??how the activities will be organized and planned, taking into account the time available and required for each activity. To ensure that a planned activity is actually performed, is determined by a manager. The manager must ensure that all activities are properly run and they provide the expected results. This not only streamlines business operations, but also organizes the work and increases the chances of activities being performed efficiently.

The planning is the process by which a company analyzes the external environment, analyzing the internal situation; develop goals based on this analysis, and design strategies and courses of action to achieve those goals. Whatever the size of a business, planning is critical to its success. The base serves as a stop planning other administrative functions (organization, coordination and control), used to organize resources, serves to coordinate tasks or activities, and serves to monitor and evaluate results (allowing to compare the results with those planned). Planning can reduce uncertainty and minimize risks by analyzing the ...
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