Food And Beverage Services Provided By The Hotel

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Food And Beverage Services Provided By The Hotel

Food And Beverage Services Provided By The Hotel

Study Objectives and difficulty Statement

The problem statement for this research is to examine correlation of employee confidence to guest satisfaction. This is to focus on past 2 years with exclusion of last 12 months and only on Peroni hotel and similar properties offering fine dining experiences. Research objectives are to investigate how to make guests not only satisfied but delighted with their dining experience in order to earn their loyalty and to expand target market by cost free word of mouth advertising. Additionally goal is to provide information to assist to reduce staff turnover by training managers in how to motivate their individual employees properly with intention of working for result of efficiency and enjoyment at work.

Literature Review

The organizing function of management is the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals. The deployment of resources is reflected in the organization's division of labor into specific departments and jobs, formal lines of authority, and mechanisms for coordinating diverse organization tasks. Organizing is important because it follows strategy. Strategy defines what to do, and organizing defines how to do it. The organizing process leads to the creation of organization structure. Organization structure is a tool that managers use to harness resources for getting things done. Organization structure is defined as the set of formal tasks assigned to individuals and departments; formal reporting relationships, including lines of authority, decision responsibility, number of hierarchical levels, and span of managers' control; and the design of systems to ensure effective coordination of employees across departments.

The role of middle and upper management in the achievement of the quality service:-The core of any organization is its personnel and our success depends on the people working in the organisation. The goal of companies is to increase there profitability, increase growth and innovation, and introduce new values and culture into the organization. In order for companies to remain competitive, we need to have "maximum quality, minimum cost, and [maintain peak performance]" (Ahls, 2001, p. 6).

This is only possible if the middle and the upper management take care of the low level employees working in the organization. The staff of any organization would like to see their supervisors and senior management more often, they look for input and encouragement regarding their work groups and their own work effort, the managers, the supervisors should personally go and meet each employee and ask them about there work, personal problems etc .

It is important for the management to acknowledge that the lack of communication between workers, insufficient feedback from managers, and incongruity with family life leads to conflict in the workplace. . gathering with and conversing to the employees would be an perfect time to help reinforce the certain behaviors that we would like to glimpse increase (Robbins, 2001, p. 115).

David McClelland suggested three major desires that employees have: the need for achievement, the need for power, and the need for ...
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