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Food Inc.


Healthy food is really essential for good health. Consumer should what exactly they are eating. It is their right to have full information in hand about the product they are consuming. Eating unhygienic food can have an adverse effect on health. Also, keeping animal in clean environment is not only beneficial for animals but also for humans as well. Consumer laws should be implemented effectively in order to keep consumer safe.

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Hungry for Change1

Consumer Laws2

Consumer rights victory2

Health Issues4

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Food Inc.


Food, Inc. was released in 2008; it's a documentary of 93 min directed by Robert Kenner. The main focus of the film is on unhygienic processing and manufacturing of food items that we eat daily. The film revolve around the deceptive image of corporate that proudly claims to produce hundred percent safe food, but the story is totally different Food Inc. shows the true picture of how the raw material is processed before converting it into the final product. The film examines the corporate farming in the United States, and the picture it shows is horrible i.e. standards of safe food laws were not being followed in farms. The film concluded that agribusiness in the United States produces unhealthy food, which is environmentally harmful for both animals and employees. It also emphasizes on the fact that animals are not treated humanely which is again not a right way of doing business. The film is narrated by Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser.

Hungry for Change

How much consumer knows about the food that is available in supermarkets and we eat daily, do we know about the procedures through which these items were manufactured? Robert Kenner, the director of film unveils the truth about United States' food industry. The most shocking fact is that the government's regulatory agencies also know about these discrepancies but still they don't act. Robert Kenner showed that face of food industry, which is hidden from all the consumers. He proves all the companies unethical and unlawful when it comes to safe and healthy food. Normal consumer do not know the real story about the food they are consuming, they are unaware of the fact that the food they are eating is not according to the standards of healthy food. The whole food supply is now in the hands of few corporations, they do not care about anything their priority is only to make profits. Corporations are so eager to earn profits that they put human health and safety aside. Nowadays, we have bigger-breasted chicken, soya bean oils for resisting high cholesterol and tomatoes that won't go bad but at the same time we have harmful bacteria causing illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We have obesity problems especially among children and diabetic issues among adults.

Consumer Laws

Consumer is defined as someone who buys goods or services, utilize those goods and then dispose of the goods. So basically consumer is the end user of products and services. Consumer protection laws were made in order to keep ...
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