Kraft Foods Inc.

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Kraft Foods Inc.

Kraft Foods Inc.


Kraft Foods Inc. (Kraft Foods) is chiefly connected in the field of manufacturing and marketing of packaged or box up, food and beverages that includes cheese, beverages, snacks, convenient meal and several of other grocery products. The company's main brands comprise, dinners, dressings and Kraft cheeses, Oscar Mayer beef, Maxwell House coffee, Oreo brand, LU biscuits, Philadelphia cream cheese, Jacobs coffees, Milka chocolates, Nabisco cookies and crackers. Kraft Foods operate their function in over 80 countries and trade in over 140 countries around the world.

Worldwide Markets of Kraft Foods Inc. - The review on the company's mission and vision, its strategic analysis, and values that are related to the company. This essay comprises the insights of the company, the rules and regulation, mission statement analysis, vision analysis and the value created by the Kraft foods. The characteristic of the report is the detailed analysis on the strategic management of Kraft Foods Inc. The discussion also highlights the SWOT analysis of the company with respect to their goals, primary and secondary objectives.

Kraft Foods Inc functions in the food and beverages business. The industry is comprised by those companies that engage in phases of actions from obtaining the raw food substance right after the yield, produce it in their own way and retail the product to the final customer, these actions involves certain steps to be complied starting from the yield to the processing of the material that has harvested in a raw form, manufacturing, the food is packed with respect to the nature of product line and distributed accordingly. The company produces fresh products, ready to cook products, beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic both). These products are for the consumption of human being except for the pharmaceuticals that has a different industry to deal with

Kraft Foods has its operations in the dairy sector as well which is the largest part that contributes in the food industry. The bakery products, frozen food and cereals are considered as the second important sector within the same industry. Company also focuses on the beverages sector for that they produce alcoholic and nonalcoholic beer, flavored beer and other beverages that provide the maximum profit line and the major contribution in the growth of the company itself and the industry as well.

The industry is extremely spirited and disjointed. Although the rivalry is surrounded by few distinguished group of actors, no group has a leading position to speak and influence the price change altitudes. The competitive companies rely mostly on commercializing and advertisements to encourage their brand and capture the market sustainability (Food and Beverages Industry Profile, 2009).


Strategic Analysis

To evaluate the company's growth development and turn offs the authorities must consider the external and internal environment and the capabilities according to the company's core objectives. The SWOT is usually divided into the internal and external factors that can influence the performance and the strategies of the company in both positive and negative aspects. The SWOT of the Kraft Foods ...
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