Kraft Foods Company

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Kraft Foods Company

Kraft Foods Company


Kraft food is a multinational confectionery group with its headquarters in Northfield, Illinois. It is an independent public listed company. In October 2012, Kraft Foods Inc. changed its name to Mondelez International focusing over the global snacks business. It has portfolio full of brands that people love including biscuits, confectionary, beverages and grocery products ( It sells in 170 countries worldwide. It generated revenue of $49.2 in 2010. The principal revenue points are Cadbury, Oreo, Philadelphia, Nabisco and Trident. Kraft Foods has a vision of making today delicious and creating delicious moments for the customers enjoying quality time with their families. Kraft Foods inspires trust and takes the responsibility of its own actions. Innovations are welcomed all the time with discussion, decision and deliverance to the end customer (


Tangible Resources

A tangible resource is something which has physical existence and that which can be touched.

Physical Resources

The company has aims to streamline its operations and all its resources for a better future. Since it has many product lines operating under it, all of the processes must be integrated in accordance.

Production facilities

The company has well designed manufacturing plants to meet its requirements. It invests in maintenance of the production processes that are designed with quality according to the methods of the organization. The production facilities at Kraft Foods deliver quality products.

Marketing facilities

Kraft Foods, since it is a prominent name, has intense marketing facilities to market its product rigorously. It engages in extensive marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns and the distribution channels are all integrated in a manner that it delivers quality at the end.

Information Technology

Kraft Foods has IT systems that help it in tracking its customers, suppliers and the distribution channels. The well-designed system helps it in keep records of its inventory, the sales and the requirement of changes.

Financial Resources

The company has a total of 126,000 employees who are an important asset to the company working continuously for growth and development of the company. According to the data of 2011, the company has total assets of US$ 93.837 billion and total equity of US$ 35.328 billion.

Human Resources

People are the power of the company. Kraft Foods suggests that people form the future of the company. Therefore, they recruit quality people to bring long-term advantages to the company. The company spots talent that is advantageous to the company nurtures the talent and tries to retain it so that the ...
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