Kraft Foods Company

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Kraft Foods Company

Kraft Foods Company


What is the organization's structure? How decentralized or centralized is it?

Being amongst the most renowned names to have existed in the world we know today, the house of Kraft Foods runs upon the philosophy of being 'One Company'. This philosophy not only makes way for reaping the best of both the local produce where the company resides and also the place where companies and organization make way to work not only calls for gaining absolute advantage on an international level.

As of the year 2008, a flat structure has been intended and being followed by the people employed at Kraft Foods. However, as the global business dynamics and transitions change, it becomes evident that not only would it make way for Kraft Foods to further expand their empire and continue to show the changes and the challenges that are associated with sustainability, competition and long-term success to prevail for the company (Woudele and Heinsohn, 1960).

What are the lines of authority and communication?

The ways in which company heads, authorities and the employees working at the resource level communicate display and show absolutely no difference of opinion. Strongly following the 'we' culture in the organization, people are driven, motivated and absolutely zealous in achieving their assigned tasks, fulfilling their duties and adhering to their responsibilities, leading to synergetic outcomes and successful financial performance.

What are the roles of teams, committees, and task forces?

Teams have been put under different people under whose jurisdiction and role, it becomes evident that regardless of the changes and the challenges that are being experienced and associated with job description. These teams not only work for executing the assigned tasks, projects and orders, but also call for reporting them to their authorities.

For the committees, crafting and establishing duties and responsibilities is an important and core aspect that not only contributes towards the organizational goals of the organization, but also makes way for developing strategies and blueprints, which would set the direction for the departments (Bligh, 2006).

Finally the task forces who look for executing the work that has been assigned to them. People serving Kraft Foods work with great determination and show evidence of the values and the culture instilled into each employees, which transcended from the authorities and that which would continue to make way for progress.


How are budgets set?

Budgets vary with the demands that are being intended and posted in the line ...
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