Geography: Assignment 1

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Geography: Assignment 1


Geography of any country makes an analyser understand a lot of aspects related to the environment and atmosphere of a particular region. This research paper is in the form of an assignment that provides answers to various elements related to the geography. The selected city is Kingston that is in the Ontario region of Canada. The location in terms of latitude and longitude of the five important cities is also presented along with aspects of the measurement of wind speed and direction and the impact of Coriolis Effect on the oceanic fluctuations.

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Assignment 1: Geography

Answer Question 1

Kingston main features making it a region

Kingston, Ontario is marked as a city of Canada located in Eastern Ontario. The city is situated at a point where the St. Lawrence River falls out of the Lake of Ontario (Kingston, 2010). The city is located midway between the beauties of Toronto and Montreal.

The features that make this city a region includes the historical buildings that were built from lime stone. This fact leads the city to be famous with the name of "Limestone City".

Kingston comprises of a number of lakes because of which the city remained an important Great Lakes port and a hub for ship building and other manufacturing processes of the locomotives including the manufacturing of the Canadian Locomotive works. Each year a number of festivals are arranged in the city that portrays all the basic features of the city including the Limestone city Blue Festivals, Kingston Jazz Festival and the Wolfe Island Festival. Visual arts of the city are also very famous and thus the city serves as a home to many artists. Media arts are another important feature, arranging a number of programs each year in which the respective artist take part and show their talent. (Morris)

The climate of the city is moderate. Waterside of Kingston is one of the major feature including Garden Island, Collin Bay, Wolfe Island, Anglin Bay and many others. The mountain peaks of the city are also very famous providing a great source of aspiration for the inhabitants and tourists and making Kingston an important element of the economy of Canada.

Answer Question 2

Kingston's physical feature having an impact on the humans living at the place and the activities undertaken because of the availability of the feature

The one of the most important physical feature of Kingston that is bringing a positive impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the city is the waterfront of the city. Kingston comprises of a number of bays as well as the city has the seventh largest natural harbour in the world. The harbour contains about 13 km controllable water. A number of developments at the port had made it an important source for the inhabitants to generate their earnings. It has become an excellent port for all kind shipping including the loading and transportation of the largest container ...
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